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Over a Century of Experience

Since 1893, the name of E.J. Cady & Company has been synonymous with quality. Over the last 100+ years, E. J. Cady & Company's research and design has met the need for more precise and dependable measuring instruments. Every micrometer produced by us today is a combination of modern technology, merged with the craftsmanship of experience.

M Model Analog Bench Micrometer

Precision MEASURING & TESTING Instruments

E.J. Cady & Company micrometers are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Wheeling, Illinois (USA). E.J Cady & Company specializes in the following micrometer services:

DDW-T Model meets TAPPI T - 411
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Distribution
  • Repairs
  • Calibration
  • Certification
  • Replacement parts


If your need is precise, dependable gauging, an E.J. Cady & Company micrometer will give you the assurance that every measurement taken is a trusted read-out...peace of mind in today's fast paced world. The accuracy of our micrometers has been so widely accepted that many companies around the world are using our micrometers to standardize their quality control.

There is an old adage that you should use the right tool for a specific task. This is especially true in micrometer gauging, where .0001 of an inch/.001 of a millimeter can mean the difference between the production of a superior or inferior product.

New Accredited Calibration Resources Now Available

E.J. Cady & Company is proud to announce that Accredited calibration traceable to N.I.S.T. using ISO/IEC 17025 resources is now available through our association with Nationwide Gage Calibration Inc. (Bloomingdale, IL).

Order Online

E.J. Cady and Company offers secure online ordering. For our customers' convenience, we accept the following means of payment:

We reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice.

Returned micrometers will be assessed a 25% restocking charge.

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Analog Dial Information

E.J. Cady & Company analog micrometers can be equipped with several different dials to accomodate the unit of measurement and precision level your job requires.

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